Terms used as applied to Data (and some Voice) Transmission over Copper Wire

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M13 -- Basically a T1 Multiplexer that combines 28 T1's into a single DS-3 aggregate link. M13's are channelized and requires a DCS to "UN" channelize the DS-1's.

MDF (Main Distribution Frame) -- A mechanical 'frame' in a central office that carries the millions of wires into and out of a central office. The central connecting point for cabling. It is also the main location for testing and cross connecting. The MDF usually has separate voice and data trunks.

MDSL (Medium-speed Digital Subscriber Line) - European terminology describing DSL speeds in the 768Kbps range. Usually single pair with 2B1Q modulation

Meet-Me-Bay -- The bay within a Co-located area, within a telephone company, where the actual wires are connected for the CAPs (competitive access providers) to have access.

MLT (Mechanized Loop Testing) -- A type of test use by telephone companies to test equipment at the customer premises. Basically is it's a digital loop test where the CO sends data to the CPE equipment and the CPE equipment returns an acknowledgement.

ML-PPP (MultiLink-Point to Point Protocol) --

MIB (Management Information Base) - Definition of protocols which explains operation and compatibility. A database of managed objects accessed by network management protocols. An SNMP MIB is a set of parameters, which an SNMP management station can query or set in the SNMP agent of a network device (e.g. router). In theory, any SNMP manager can talk to any SNMP agent with a properly defined MIB.

Modem (acronym for Modulator, DEModulator) -- A device that modulates and demodulates signals for transmission through a medium, similar to a radio and radio transmitter. Normally refers to the popular standard dial-up modems, but may be used in discussion of any similar devices. Basically, modems do for computers what a telephone does for humans. xDSL is arguably a type of modem.

MPOE (Main Point of Entry) -- Telco language for the point of the premises where the telephone company access point is located.

Multiplexer (MUX) -- Device that combines several low speed lines into a single high-speed link. Used in pairs. A DSLAM is a type of MUX


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