Terms used as applied to Data (and some Voice) Transmission over Copper Wire

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Unbundling -- Directly translated, referred to the literal 'unbundling' of a group of wires from a bundle of wires. In the telco world, to lower level access providers, 'unbundling' refers to the 1996 ACT requirement given to telcos to lease their wires to lower level access providers, therefore, the telco must 'unbundle' a certain amount of their wires and sell /lease to authorized providers.

UNIX -- A computer operating system. UNIX is designed to be used by many people at the same time (it is multi-user) and has TCP/IP built-in. It is the most common operating system for servers on the Internet.

URL -- (Uniform Resource Locator) -- The standard way to give the address of any resource on the Internet that is part of the World Wide Web (WWW). A URL may look like this:

USB (Universal Serial Buss) -- High-speed interface specification derived for Desktop and laptop PC's. Defines speeds to 100Mbps designed with specific cost consideration for low cost peripherals

•Supports up to 127 devices

•Both synchronous and asynchronous data transfers

•Up to 5 meters per cable segment

•Built in power distribution for low power devices

•Supports daisy chaining through a tiered star multidrop topology - (

See: IEEE-1394 (Firewire)

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