Terms used as applied to Data (and some Voice) Transmission over Copper Wire

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V.24 -- The CCITT Interface standard for interchange circuits between data terminal equipment (DTE) and data circuit terminating equipment (DCE). Defines both Asynchronous and Synchronous operation. Combining V.24 and V.28 standards will be very similar to RS-232 specification.

V.28 -- The CCITT standard for voltage level definitions for DTE and DCE interface.

V.35 -- The CCITT Interface standard for synchronous high speed data communications as defined by the ITU-T standard. Normally used for data transmission with circuits 56Kbps and above. V.35 specifies a 34-pin connector and can transmit at speeds into the millions of bits per second.- (Mbps)

VDSL (Very high data rate Digital Subscriber Line) -- A higher speed extension of ADSL capable of much higher data rates than ADSL but over shorter lines. While no general standards exist yet for VDSL <at the time of this print>, discussion has centered around the following downstream speeds:

Upstream rates fall within a suggested range from 1.6 Mbps to 2.3 Mbps.  VDSL Downstream speeds are in discussions of speeds from 13mbps to 55mbps (depending on distance). The principal reason T1E1.4 decided against "VADSL" was the implication that VDSL would never be symmetric, when some providers and suppliers hope for fully symmetric VDSL someday, recognizing that line length will be compromised. Note: VDSL had been called "VASDL" or "BDSL" or even "ADSL" prior to June, 1995, when T1E1.4 chose "VDSL" as the official title.

VOD (Video On Demand) - A service offered by video services which allow the customer to petition delivery of a video move via real time, possibly at any time the customer desires. This means the data transfer medium must accommodate very high speeds. An arguable speed for smooth video is in the 2.5Mbps (and up) range depending upon compression methods used.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) -- A private data network that uses a public data network to carry all traffic. Example: The Internet is a type of VPN.

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